Carina Randløv

Exhibition from November 15th to December 21st, 2002
opening: Thursday,  November 14th, 2002, at 7 p.m.
Carina Randløvs works result from banal everyday objects, industrial waste
or disposable packaging, which the artist transforms in their function and
meaning. These objects and installations often have a temporary character,
reveal work processes and can sometimes change their form, as the balloon
sculpture "Luftblasen" ("air bubbles”, 2001), where its helium filled
balloons developed their own dynamic during an opening at Künstlerhaus
Bethanien. "Luftblasen" not only modified its appearance, but added an
element to the work that once was part of the happening: the moment of
surprise. Moreover, Randløv has the distinctive ability to link intuition
with calculation, giving her videos, objects and installations a playful as
well as an intended critical quality.

"Knüller" ("Sensation”, 2002), a site specific installation conceived for
the show at K&S, consists of individual objects, that Randløv combines with
each other and forms into an organism which at first glance seems to be
without function. Disposable packaging of everyday objects and slogans cut
out of advertising, that allude at the cheap esthetics of special offers for
products from discount stores or grocery chains serve as her materials.
The resulting exhibition architecture reflects Randløv∂s ambiguous relation
to the consumer society. On one hand she criticizes sales and advertising
strategies, but at the same time feels attracted by their suggestive visual
powers. In context of the recent economical situation, which also effects
the cultural field, "Knüller" furthermore gains in explosive nature.

With the friendly support of Allianz Kulturstiftung.
Miriam Bers